Algus Nalja is a 34 year old captain in the Empire and a strong follower of Galbotorix and his beliefs.


Algus is a stoic serious guy. If a soldier under him disobeys his orders, he will not hesitate to bash their head in. He loves only two things, and that's sleeping and alcohol. He always carries around his potent alcohol and chugs it at various times.



Algus mostly uses his Warhammer in fights, as he was trained as a blacksmith and is most comfortable using a hammer. He can use it as one of the best soldiers in the


Algus carries a large amount of shurikens that he throws at his enemies while he's fighting. When they're far away, he tends to use them more often but sometimes snaps and just runs over and bashes them.


Algus joined the Empire after his father left Alagaesia to see what was out there. Naturally, the Empire found his blacksmithing skills to be useful but soon found he had a great potential for fighting. He rose through the ranks quickly and became a captain in 6 years.


-Krunt Nalja: Krunt was a legendary smith and Algus's father. He left Alagaesia 14 years ago in pursuit of adventure

-Seade Nalja: Seade was Algus's mother who died when Algus was 9 years old in a construction accident.

Major BattlesEdit

-Battle of Furnost- Won

-Raid on Urolig- Won

-Battle of Uru'baen- Lost


"You can run away from me, but you can't run away from the entire empire" -Algus shouting at his elven foe trying to escape the fight

"Worry not, I'll send you to your friends right now" -Algus condescendingly whispering to a weeping Varden soldier mourning his friends

"Get me more alcohol before I make you eat yourself from the legs up!" -Algus when he ran out of alcohol before the raid on Urolig

Character DesignEdit

Algus seems to be designed around a tough Nordic theme and has a long orange beard and round stomach to help that effect. He wears light armor that he barely needs as by himself he is already a tank.