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Noctis is a elf from the city Nädindel but moved to Ellesméra so she could be instructed by the riders. After some time she became to new blacksmith of the elves whitch included forging swords for riders.


Noctis is a kind and soft spoken even when fighting she maintains a gentle demeanor but behind all that hides a terrifying temper and a savage fury when angered.


Twin Swords Although she prefers to heal wounds she is a masterful swordswomen able to wield her twin blades with ease and grace

Archery Like many elves she is skilled with a bow and arrow and is skilled at hitting the target blindfolded.

Spells Like the elves and riders Noctis is a skilled magician although she prefers to use magic for healing but if she has to she uses it to fight

Hand to Hand Even unarmed Noctis is still dangerous being a skilled hand to hand fighter


Noctis was born in Nädindel and raised in Ellesméra when she became a dragon rider and was taught how to fight at a young age. Shortly after she was learning to forge swords like her mother. She found a dragon egg and it hatched making her a dragon rider.




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A sword is more then a weapon it is the extension of ones body

Noctis on the art of swordsmanship

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